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Inspiring Soundscapes

Walking along a narrow path in a forest near Kirikiri you can hear birds above. A lone Sika deer roars in the distance.


Motion Into Life

A wispy snowmelt stream runs down from Mt. Kujira and past a small red shrine.


Sound × Motion × Experience

This would be my last time to visit Iwate. We go back to Tokyo tonight, leaving the endless forests of Northern Japan behind.


In the rugged hills and pine forests of Iwate, Northern Japan, the deer roar and the sky is clear.

I journeyed to a small village in Iwate called Kirikiri three times over the course of a year. Here I experienced a magical kind of nature that inspired me deeply.

In my craft as a designer I want to create beautiful online experiences that inspire through Sound, Motion, and Interaction.

This is my story of Iwate




Cody Brendan James Ellingham is a designer living in Tokyo.

Cody has previously worked at creative agency LIG Inc. in Tokyo as well as freelancing in Australia and New Zealand.

Cody enjoys overland travel and shoots film photographs extensively.

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